Monday, 28 May 2012

Wanted: authors for new social history imprint

Calling all writers with a passion for social history! 

I've just joined Pen and Sword Books as commissioning editor of a brand new social history imprint. Pen and Sword ( is a successful publisher of military, local and family history titles and the company is looking to broaden their list into other genres. Laura Hirst has also recently joined the company to commission historical fiction, while Eloise Hansen is responsible for archaeology titles.

Our aim for the social history imprint is to publish titles that will appeal equally to social history lovers, fans of historical novels looking a bit deeper and family historians eager to flesh out their research. We want to tell 'people's history', to reveal what life was like in the past for ordinary people through their own voices.

We will be looking to commission a wide range of titles: books on particular periods; collections of personal stories on a theme; accounts of historical scandals or crimes; historical guides immersing readers in specific periods; as well as titles on quirky and unusual historical topics. 

Our first titles will be published in 2014 and forthcoming books feature a wide range of themes, from life on the Home Front to the experiences of a Victorian detective.

As the imprint is still in its infancy I'm open to new ideas, so if you have a proposal that you think might suit the imprint, please do drop me an email to

You can also follow the progress of the imprint on Facebook here

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jen Newby


Leela Soma said...


I wonder if you are interested in a multi-cultural input, say of Indian women's contribution/role in 20th C Britain?

Leela Soma

francesbevan said...

I wonder if you would be interested in my writing. I have several blogs I am working on and I am particularly interested in women's history. I am also researching the life and times of Swindon born suffragette Edith New, a short article can be found on My blogs include Good Gentlewoman on; Status, Scandal and Subterfuge on; Swindon in the Past Lane on; Swindon at War on and Dear George ... on Yours sincerely, Frances Bevan

Jen Newby said...

We're open to all ideas, so do just drop me an email (to


Michelle said...

What a wonderful idea. :-) My mom's jotted down some of her teenage memories of being the part of the first white family to live/work in an area that now spans the border of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. She has newspaper cuttings, old photos, all her stories of being a teen in the middle of nowhere. It's unpublished - she wrote it originally for her great neices. Would that be of any interest to you?

Oh and I do have another book I'd like to ask about. This one is published, but I think there's only one or two books still out there - Arms and the Woman, by Evelyn Cullin. I've never seen it. :-( It was written by my mom's great great aunt. She was awarded the Croix de Guerre, in 1919, for her work with the Frrench Red Cross. Evie helped out in both World Wars and worked in Syria in between the wars. She sounds utterly awesome. :-)